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Jackie & Tan

A Husband & Wife Team: Photography & Makeup Artistry

Tan and Jackie's unique love story began when they were childhood friends and eventually led to marriage. Despite Jackie being deaf, Tan's patience and care for her during the time her world was silent made their love grow stronger. They have been together for over 10 years and have two children. Tan's hobby of photography and videography turned into a profession, while Jackie discovered her passion for makeup artistry. Together, they make a perfect team, each contributing their artistic skills and expertise to their work, and are an ideal choice for taking on wedding projects. They were inspired to help other couples with their photos, beauty needs, and wedding planning after experiencing their own wedding and witnessing others' weddings while on the job.



Chai is like the third wheel in Tan's marriage, but in a good way. He's a talented videographer who often works with Tan at weddings. They understand each other so well that they could probably communicate through just eyebrow raises and grunts. It's a match made in wedding heaven!

Chai does both real estate and wedding videography and often works with Tan for weddings. You can find his work on his Instagram.

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